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Pleated Shades



Pleated shades are such a versatile product that it is hard to remember they are relatively newcomers to the world of window coverings.

From the original “accordion” pleat to the super energy-efficient double honeycomb cellular shade, pleated shades are available in a dizzying range of colors, fabrics, and styles. We can help you customize a shade that meets your needs and fits your budget.

The key to selecting the pleated shade that’s best for you is to think about:

• How important is your view to the outside?
• How much light or heat do you need to control?
• How do you want the shade to raise and lower?

Some fabrics are so sheer they seem practically transparent. Others offer total blackout protection. In between, semi-sheer, translucent, and semi-opaque fabrics cover the entire spectrum of light, heat, and glare control. Colors range from the purest whites to the deep, vibrant hues of precious jewels. Fabrics such as Acoustics™ from Comfortex Window Products offer a softer look and feel than traditional pleated shade cloths. Whatever you want or need, we have a fabric for you.

There are many options to raise and lower your pleated shades. Standard lift cords are fine in most cases. But larger blinds are more easily operated when equipped with a specialty lift system. Shades that operate from the bottom-up are the perfect solution when privacy cannot be sacrificed to maintain your view.